Watkins Mill Baseball Senior Night

It was a Monday evening in May. I walked up to the bleachers of the baseball diamond at Watkins Mill High School for Senior Night. Mothers were buzzing around preparing for the tribute. Families and friends were filling the stands to honor their senior. For Elizabeth, it was her firstborn son Jalen. She wanted to capture this special evening in her son's life. Everyone was so thrilled and excited. From the ceremony to the team rally to the game, I sought to capture the story that mattered most to Jalen, his mom, and his team. 

I’ve known Shala for a long time, so I didn’t expect anything less than awesome. During the Senior Night, I knew she was capturing all the right moments. She is a pro! When I saw the photos for the first time, I loved them! They were even better than what I was expecting.
— Elizabeth O.