Professional Mini-Headshot Session at Creative Colony

It was a hot Tuesday. The A/C was on full blast. The music was pumping. My gear was set. It was my first time hosting my own Professional Mini-Headshot Session Day. I started with 20 10-minute slots but ended up adding five more to accommodate the incredible demand. The event sold out in one week! As my clients walked into the studio, they were pleasantly greeted by a gush of cool air.

I had such an amazing time capturing each person's story. Web developers, PR consultants, environmentalists, lawyers, writers, psychologists, and more. Some were business owners, and others were looking for that next job opportunity. All of the galleries were ready in 24 hours (phew), and as soon as people were downloading their headshots, their LinkedIn profiles were getting an upgrade! The next mini-headshot session is on Friday, July 28.

My photos are fantastic! Shala really knows how to make posing for headshots a more comfortable experience. The mini-headshot session is exactly what I need early on in my business—it gets me a professional presentation quickly and is a great value.
— Tiffany Bridge
Before my headshot session, I didn’t really know what to expect. With other headshots I’d taken with other photographers, they looked too forced. I wanted to have something more relaxed and captured “the real me.” Shala was so extremely easy to work with. She gave me pointers on how to appear skinnier on camera, and I loved working with her! The entire shoot was genuine and comfortable! When I saw my photos for the first time, I thought I really look pretty! I loved the lighting, and the easy nature of the photos! The instructions I received ahead of time and tips for jewelry were perfect, and I even received some pointers on how to pick the final shots. Thank you, Shala!
— Chanel Ricks
I cannot express to you how pleased I am with my headshots. You captured my essence. I call them my ‘Glory be to God’ next chapter photos. In all seriousness, thank you for giving me ‘new’ life.
— Karen Miller
I was nervous about having my first headshots made. Seems I never take a photo I’m happy with. While working with Shala, I was very relaxed. She made it fun and made me feel good about myself. I loved the photos so much I posted one on Facebook. Now I’m getting lots of compliments. Thanks, Shala!
— Marlana Valdez
Before working with Shala, I was very nervous about the process of taking professional photographs. But she made me feel ease with the process. Her guidance throughout the shoot was very helpful. I feel more comfortable in front of the camera and cannot wait to have another session. I’m very happy with the quality of my photos!
— Alikia Reaves
I loved working with Shala! I’ve never had a headshot before and I didn’t know what to expect—I was comfortable from the moment I walked in. Shala was warm, fun, and most of all a total pro. These factors combined made my session great. What I wanted most of all were pictures that looked like me—and that’s what she delivered. I love the photos and would work with her again in a heartbeat.
— Barbara Jones

Want in on the next mini-headshot session?