Documentary Photography: Mission Trip to the Philippines

This time last summer, I was in the Philippines serving the community of Matictic, visiting the six children I sponsor, and spending a little bit of time with my cousin and her family. My mother is from Manila, so the Philippines has always been near and dear to my heart. The Food for the Hungry community that two of my kids were sponsored under was about to graduate from the program, so I had to make the trip to see them as I may never have another opportunity. 

That's how I picked my camera up again after focusing on branding and design for over a decade. I needed to raise $4000 for this trip, so I started doing portraits and covering events with all proceeds going to this mission trip. Next thing I knew my camera was attached to my hand and I've found myself switching gears from my design business back to building my photography business, and I couldn't be more thrilled!