Executive Headshots: Roberto // Professional DC Headshots

A leader in education for America, Roberto served under the Obama Administration as the Deputy Assistant to the President for Education and was now being hired to be the new President and CEO of Teach Plus. The mission of Teach Plus is to empower excellent, experienced teachers to take leadership over key policy and practice issues that affect their students’ success. Since he worked for the Administration, all of his headshots had a lovely American flag in the background and trying to Photoshop it out wasn't going to do. They were preparing to send out press releases to announce his new role and needed appropriate headshots and fast. Roberto is also a speaker, so we planned an in-studio headshot session with two looks and multiple sets so that he and his communications team would have a variety of photos to use for different purposes. 

Thank you for the great photo shoot, as well as for the quick turnaround of the images. The diversity of settings and poses that you used produced a great variety to choose from — I really appreciate this given the different audiences we work with. You also made the time so enjoyable and your final product is terrific!
— Robert Rodriquez, CEO of Teach Plus