PortraitHER Session: Bahia // DC Headshots

Like many business owners, we go through a season of transition and change to better align our business with our vision. As Bahia was announcing a transition in her business, On the Purple Couch, from being a retail store to a studio that focused on face-to-face interactions and services with her clients, she needed an image that would communicate that this wasn't an ending, but a bright beginning of something new and exciting that would be a blessing to her and her family. At the new studio in Rockville, MD, On the Purple Couch will continue to teach Chalk Paint Furniture Workshops, complete custom furniture painting work, color consultations, and design work. If you're ready to breathe new life into your furniture, kitchen, or parts of your home or business, you definitely want to talk with Bahia! 

Here is the final image she chose to communicate the shift in her brand.

Having worked with Shala in the past, I knew she was the one to help me bring my vision to pass with my photo. I had a specific goal for the picture and Shala helped me to communicate it. I felt comfortable, respected and valued in my desire to achieve my goals for the picture. YESSSSSSSS...was my initial reaction. We ‘got’ it. It’s one thing to work with a photographer. It’s another thing to work with a communications and branding expert who can help craft your communication strategy with your picture. The two components, which Shala has, are critical in this work.
— Bahia Akerele, Owner of On the Purple Couch