Power Conference Headshot Booth // Maryland

It was that time of year again. The Power Conference, the area's largest regional women's business development conference, was being held in North Bethesda, Maryland. Hundreds of business women from across the DMV area would descend on this conference to focus on developing their business. I was there to help them do just that! My headshot booth was set up taking advantage of two-story windows letting in loads of natural light from two sides. My virtual assistant was registering and managing the line of people eagerly waiting their turn in front of my camera.

From 9:30am – 12:00pm, I guided over 50 people through 3 posing sets in order to capture the right expression and personality. I've learned that not everyone looks their best sitting down or standing up for headshots, so I like to take the time to explore my options with each person when I can. Each participant had 4-7 final shots to choose from.

Here are my favorite shots for each person. When selecting these shots, I thought about which ones seemed to capture their essence, based on my experience working with them. I'm looking for personality, sincerity, and a feeling that says, "I would want to spend some time with this person." Why? Because people work with people they trust. When people see your photo on LinkedIn or your company's website, it should be authentic and invite the opportunity to build a genuine relationship. 

So many great choices. Thanks for much.
— Andrea
Just wanted to thank you! The pictures are wonderful, and your marketing is creative, enthusiastic and personal.
— Judy
I love the photos!
— Judith
I wanted to give you props for some great marketing!!! Very impressed with this idea and your execution!
— Randy

Interested in having a headshot booth at your next event?

Headshot booths add a nice touch to every professional event. It's an excellent way to engage your audience, provide a real benefit for their own professional development, and have fun! Make sure they remember their experience at your event.