A look at 2018

2018 had been an amazing year. As I look over the body of work I’ve produced this year, whether with studio lights or natural light, I love what I’ve been able to do in this business. I’ve supported such a diverse group of women, both young and seasoned, slim and curvy, and from every major ethnic group. These women are entrepreneurs, coaches, IT professionals, corporate executives, actors, models, nonprofit leaders, lawyers, nurses, authors, bloggers, dancers, designers, and so much more. They were celebrating milestones and chasing new goals.

Many walked into my studio fearful and insecure and walked out confident and bold! It was such a treat to be a part of their stories and to share their stories with you. I gave each of these women (and so many more) a piece of my heart and I hope that whenever they look at their portrait, they can feel me cheering them on. 

Shala GrahamComment