Event: NSA-DC Meeting featuring Mary Kelly, CSP // Brand Photography

Professional speakers from all across the DMV gathered on April 14th for the National Speakers Association (NSA): Washington, DC Chapter meeting. Mary Kelly, CSP, led the speakers through an incredible presentation on "Ways to Grow Your Speaking Business in Every Economy." She told punchy stories, gave practical and applicable advice, shared vulnerably from her life, and made us laugh. As a speaker myself, I was gobbling up all of the tidbits of information, and using my camera to take pictures for my own notes!

While documenting this event, I pulled together all of my experiences as a professional. I looked through the lens of my camera for photographic composition and lighting, but I also put on my designer and speaker hats. I thought about the kinds of images that would look good on a website and a bio sheet. I knew that horizontal images are primarily needed on the web, so I shot most of my images in landscape, as opposed to portrait, and kept an eye out for negative space to overlay text or calls to action in a design. As a speaker, you want to show off your audience, so I looked for the compositions that made the room look the most full and was sure to capture various angles of the speaker. 

Check out the resulting work below! If you need a photographer to build your collection of marketing images for your speaking business, let's chat

The photos are great; you did a wonderful job, and we appreciate your contribution to NSA-DC.
— Sharon M. Weinstein, President, NSA-DC
These pictures are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for the FAST uploading and the quick response. I am SO impressed!
— Mary Kelly, CSP

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