Family Session: Campbells // DC Photographer

I loved everything about this family. Their laughter, their joy, their love. The three adult siblings wanted to do a photoshoot with their children to gift to their parents. Awwwww! I'm a big believer in family, the role that aunties and uncles play, and the friendship that happens between siblings and cousins. I wanted to capture it all, and it was such a blessing for me to see. I don't think we see enough of families of color together, united, full of laughter and love. Our social media timelines are filled with so much strife and misplaced fear. I'd much rather see a father tickling his son with the aid of his brother! I loved knowing that this young boy was growing up with his dad and uncle to support him. Thank you, Campbells, for brightening my day!

I wasn’t sure what to expect before working with Shala, but during our session I felt great and that she understood the vision!
— Rasheda Campbell
I was on cloud 9 after the session! The photos were absolutely fabulous. Shala’s work is A++!
— Rasheda Campbell

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