Family Session: Lautmans // Maryland Portrait Photographer

It was March 31st. Passover week. Sons and their wives traveled from New York, Colorado, and Israel for a little family reunion. It was the perfect opportunity for a new family portrait, showing off three generations of the family! We met at the family home to start the photo session, then walked to a nearby elementary school to continue our shoot. As we walked, I could hear the brothers reminiscing about walking to school every day when they were kids. This was special. 

We laughed a lot during our time together. The kids zipped in and out of photos of their parents with all of their aunts and uncles. The brothers took photos together like they belonged on the cover of a magazine. And the brothers and their wives walked arm in arm, laughing and enjoying what felt like our first spring day in the region. 

I turned around the photos from our two-hour session that evening. I was so excited to edit them! I recently just learned why I felt compelled to edit them and send them right away. Eleven days after our session, the brother's grandmother passed away, but not before she got to enjoy these photos of her legacy. It's truly a privilege to be a photographer. 

We were excited about the session but a bit nervous about coordinating all of the necessary people/ poses. While working with Shala, we were very impressed. She was very organized, and we were able to see the pictures shortly after they were taken. She has a great eye for composition!
— Ariel Brandt Lautman
It was so wonderful that you sent the photos right away. My mom was in hospice care and was able to view the photos. She passed away April 10. I am so happy that she got to see the photos and enjoy them!
— Tami Lautman
We are all thrilled with the pictures. They came out beautifully.
— Ariel Brandt Lautman