PortraitHER Session: Kristen // Personal Branding Headshots

Kristen was referred to me by her graphic designer. Her designer knew Kristen's marketing materials for her real estate business needed an upgrade on the headshot. I totally loved working with Kristen! Like many of my clients, she had some not-so-fabulous experiences with getting headshots done and was nervous about her ability to take photos well. We learned that there was something about taking photos outside that awakened her personality and helped her relax, so our entire second look was outside. I recently read an article that said being in nature seems to do that to people!

Lucky for us, my studio is in a restored carriage house on Capitol Hill, surrounded by some really cool homes and environments. We walked and talked and posed in front of people's homes, LOL! As we looked at the photos while walking back to the studio, I said, "see you are photogenic," to which responded, "well, you're just magical!" I'll take it! After all, that puts me in good company with unicorns! 

My previous headshot didn’t really represent who I was — it just didn’t reflect my personality. I was completely comfortable working with Shala. I could tell right away that she was passionate about her work and helping me relax so she could capture my personality, not just a smiling face!
— Kristen Waksberg, Realtor
I was hoping for at least one shot that I would love. I ended up buying every photo! Shala’s creativity and passion make magical things happen! I simply cannot overstate my highest recommendation that you book your appointment TODAY with Shala W. Graham Photography!!
— Kristen Waksberg, Realtor

Kristen is a Long and Foster realtor in Bethesda. She specializes in finding the perfect suburban home for your family. 


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