PortraitHER Session: Kristus // Personal Branding Photography

I love it when past clients come back. I first photographed Kristus two years ago. She looked fabulous with perfect makeup and in a beautiful pink and black floral dress. But now she was preparing her personal brand website to market herself as a project manager and digital strategist. She needed photos that made people think, "I want to hire you!" During our consultation, we talked about what to wear. Knowing Kristus well, I charged her with going for a "nerdy cute" look. She is, after all, a nerd in chic clothing! I think she hit the nail on the head! 

Shala is an excellent photographer. She did a great job putting me at ease and helping me to really shine in front of the camera. The photos she took of me are crisp and so professional! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my new headshots. Thank you again!
— Kristus Ratliff

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