PortraitHER Session: Lola // Personal Branding Photography MD

Lola St. John is a Nigerian health and wellness empowerment coach who focuses mainly on helping people transition to a plant-based lifestyle. For her personal branding session, we wanted to capture her "earth-mother" personality and hippy vibe for photos on her website.

Our shoot was on a beautiful Friday morning in late May. We met at Sidamo Coffee and Tea in Fulton, MD, a lovely woman-owned small business chosen for their excellent smoothies. After our time at the coffee shop, we moved nearby to her lovely home to finish her photo shoot. Here are some of my favorite shots from our branding session together. 

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I was very excited about working with Shala. When I saw her website in 2017, I knew I would work with her. From our first conversation, I knew I was dealing with a professional and a master of her craft. She put me at ease and made our session really enjoyable.
— Lola St. John
After working with Shala, I was glad that I booked with her and was confident that her work would be exemplary.
— Lola St. John
When I saw my photos for the first time, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and very happy that I made the decision to work with Shala. I felt honored to have her accept and work with me as a client. Thank you, Shala!!!!
— Lola St. John

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