PortraitHER Session: Siyi // Professional DC Portraits

Siyi was such a treat!. She holds three law degrees in China and the US, specializing in environmental law. Though she looks young, she's a powerhouse! We related to each other in that we both know what it's like to have to sit across the table from people who look nothing like us, convincing them we know what we are talking about. It's definitely not for the faint of heart. But her personality is so warm and full of joy. Really, she was a ton of fun as she bopped around the studio to the music, free to be who she is during her moment of fame before my camera! 

Before she left, I had some time to encourage her to own her power when she stands in those rooms. If she is presenting the research, that means she is the expert, and she should carry herself as such. I even taught her the "power pose" we used to do in my branding firm before going into client meetings. Continue to kill it, Siyi! 

Before working with Shala, I liked the idea of putting ‘personal branding’ and ‘photography;’ together. Very interesting and novel! Shala is so easygoing and powerful. I enjoyed working with her!!
— Siyi Shen
After working with Shala, I knew I made a right decision! I was so glad that I saw my real personalities in these photos!
— Siyi Shen