Brand Story: Bethany // Washington, DC Photography

Early mornings are so much better when you get to spend them with people who are so full of light. Meet Bethany, an ICF certified career and life coach who is passionate about helping people find their “why” so they can build a career that feeds their soul. She's so easy to talk to, so we're scheduling time to chat after my vacation next week. From our session planning call to our actual shoot, we were kindred spirits. We talked about faith, mission trips, building businesses, women empowering women, marriage, and more! I can't wait for her to build her new website with photos from our shoot.

Shala’s photos on Instragram were beautiful! She seemed to capture something special with the people she photographed. I loved the light she used and I was immediately drawn to her work!
— Bethany Kurbis, Career + Life Coach
I was completely at ease while working with her. I am not someone who feels comfortable with a camera lens on me but Shala made this whole experience fun, carefree, and actually enjoyable! Between photos we talked about life and I felt refreshed by the time we said goodbye!
— Bethany Kurbis, Career + Life Coach
Shala’s photographs far exceeded my expectations! I have too many to choose from and I am beyond thrilled with the options. I highly recommend Shala for any photographs during any life events. She is wise, insightful, and inspired.
— Bethany Kurbis, Career + Life Coach