PortraitHER Day: January Recap

It was snowing. Schools were on early dismissal. But that didn’t stop it from being fire inside the studio for PortraitHER Day on January 29. The makeup artist, Mercedes, was doing her thing pampering each woman to give them that first injection of confidence, knowing they looked their best. Then we turned it all the way up in front of the camera, capturing each woman in her zone! We laughed a lot, and one of my clients even danced her way through the photo shoot giving us all life! Some learned that having your confidence ignited in front of the camera is addictive, and so I’m sure I’ll see these women again, perhaps for a “just because” shoot.

It’s always so cool working with such a wide variety of women. I had women who worked in security (both technology and physical), a psychologist, a pastor, and a consultant who can help you navigate toxic workplaces! We need all of that! I love that there are women out there doing the darn thang in all sorts of professions, especially those that have been male-dominated for so long.

Join me for the next PortraitHER Day on February 18. This will be the last one at my studio in Rockville before I move to downtown Silver Spring!

This was my first headshot session. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but Shala met me where I was and made it a great photo shoot. I felt at ease, a good energy, and that she genuinely engaged with me. Shala worked some ‘black girl magic!’
— Lisa Greene Henderson, Clinical Psychologist
I had seen Shala’s work before, so I felt confident the pics would turn out. But no one likes having their own picture taken! During my session, I felt very comfortable and at ease and my photos turned out great! They look like me, but with the professional touch of makeup and lighting and positioning that, no matter how many YouTube videos I could watch, I can’t do myself!
— Heather Henderson, Pastor + Speaker

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