PortraitHER Session: Lee // DC Writer Headshots

Meet Lee McAuiffle Rambo, a writer and editor. She was my first photo shoot of 2019! Lee was so cool to work with. She works with small businesses who need smart writing for their marketing. She’s also a tutor for those who need to strengthen their English writing proficiency. She kept in touch with me for over a year and I was so excited to finally work with her. Her face was a little flushed from her brisk walk from the metro, so I made her a cup of tea and chit-chatted while her face went back to normal. I learned that she was in an episcopal seminary in the past, so we bonded over ministry and talked about deep matters in life and relationships. I went home so full that day, loving what I do and the moments I get to share with such wonderful women!

Learn more about Lee and her work on her website.

I liked the photos I saw on the Internet, and I was excited about the prospect of improving my public image! The shoot was fun! Shala delivers on her promises!
— Lee McAuliffe Rambo
An extraordinarily large percentage of the photos were excellent. I thought that she captured my personality and that I looked damn good for 67 years of age! Professional, approachable—and with a sense of humor.
— Lee McAuliffe Rambo