Tween Acting + Model Headshots: Laila // Washington, DC Headshots

She arrived in my studio with her mom. She was still in her school uniform with her hair in two braids. She was at a wedding when makeup artist and hair stylist, Carla Pressley, was taken by her gorgeous red hair. “You have to try modeling!” So young Laila got her mom’s permission and hit the ground running. She did a search online for a photographer and found me. She coordinated scheduling the shoot, reviewing the proposal, and all the other details with myself and Carla. Her mom just had to drive her to the shoot and cut the checks (thanks, mom). And after the shoot, she quickly completed my questionnaire and reached out about modeling agencies. This 12 year old is ambitious and she’s gonna go so far in life.

During the shoot, we learned that she’s Egyptian and no one knows where the red hair came from. But her mom did say that Ramesses II had red hair, so she wouldn’t be the first or only Egyptian with this gene.

Let’s root Laila on as she chases her dream!

I thought Shala’s pictures were outstanding. Shala was kind, thoughtful and really cared about her work. I knew I was put in trusted hands.
— Laila G.
After the shoot, I was very nervous at first, but then the photos came super fast! I was so happy with what I got!
— Laila G.

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