PortraitHER Session: Maria // DC Professional Portraits

I met Maria a few years ago when she was still a tomboy. At some point, something clicked inside of her and she decided to own her worth. She eventually became a Traci Lynn Jewelry consultant, and she's been rocking it! We did a PortraitHER session to show off the versatility and fabulosity of the jewelry and to celebrate her as a woman. Keep reading below for some of her powerful testimony!

It took me 42 years to start scratching the surface of the potential God put inside of me. People say I’ve changed....you’re right! Once God shows you who you REALLY ARE & what He has in store for your life....You can’t go back to living a lie, believing the lies you grew up believing about yourself.... “Unwanted” “Unworthy” “Fatherless” “Used” “Worthless” “Average” “Quitter” ..... I could go on but you get the point. I tend to downplay my success & replay my failures, focus on my faults instead of my GREATNESS! But God! God used & is using my business to show me how special I am & how much He loves me!
— Maria Lewis
Before working with Shala, I felt insecure about my ability to pose for multiple shots. But while working with her, I felt confident and comfortable!
— Maria Lewis
My photos turned out great! This was my 1st time shooting with Shala & it won’t be my last! Thanks for an AWESOME experience Shala!
— Maria Lewis

Love what you saw?

Did you find yourself thinking, "Can Shala to take pictures of me so I can look fabulous, too?" Why yes!