What to Wear


Video Summary

Short on time? Here is a quick summary of tips for what to wear, though I highly encourage your to watch the video to get the fullness of my recommendations.

  1. Wear solid colors. Patterns and stripes can draw attention away from your face. If you wear a pattern, choose a soft pattern or layer it with a solid blazer.

  2. Wear colors that coordinate with your brand. If you don’t have brand colors, choose colors that compliment your complexion or eye color. Bold, strong colors are perfectly fine if they match your brand personality.

  3. Wear a v-neck or scoop neck to elongate the neckline. If not, choose a necklace that drops to create the visual line.

  4. Jewelry is flexible. Some choose minimal to no jewelry. Others ordinarily wear chunky jewelry that pops. Wear what fits your brand or personal style.

  5. Wear clothes that fit. Clothes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

  6. Cover the insecurities. If it is your arms or legs, wear long sleeves or pants over skirts.

  7. Get professional makeup done. Many women, myself included, know how to do their own makeup well. But many do not. If that is you, work with a professional. The goal is to make sure your skin doesn’t look oily or shiny and your complexion is even.