Headshots & Personal Branding Photography Based in Downtown Silver Spring, MD


Do you dread having your photo taken? You're not alone.

Hi, I'm Shala, a headshot and personal branding photographer. I help professional women feel confident and own their brand, enabling me to capture the headshot of their dreams—one they are excited to share online or to send to that big speaking gig. But I'm not just taking your headshot; I ignite your confidence in front of the camera! 

Shala W. Graham, Personal Branding Photographer

Shala W. Graham, Personal Branding Photographer

I never felt comfortable getting my photo taken and never liked what I saw. No one has ever made me feel comfortable enough to let my true self show through in a photo. Years of being told that I wasn’t attractive can wear you down until you believe it. Shala made me feel so at ease and confident and yes, maybe even a bit attractive. She was so much fun and supportive, almost like a daughter would root for her mom. Shala really did capture my true self and a beauty I didn’t know I had. Thank you, Shala!
— Lynn R.